Zines will be posted from newest to oldest with older ones being removed towards the bottom.

FULL CONTACT SE7EN C8 with Motorhead, Sworn Enemy, Down, Terror, Skinless and more is in stores now. FC9 is hitting the streets early August with the Dropkicks, Shai
Hulud, Stillborn records, Superjoint Ritual,100 Demons, Lamb of God, Zakk Wylde and more!FC10 this fall is the NYHC Tribute issue-All NYHC!! Check out
our website www.fullcontactmag.com which is always being updated and improved for contests, updates and more. Distros,stores get in touch rodfc@fullcontactmag.com Info added June 2003

Scrath Magazine - Linked Mar 2003

Guillotine Zine - Started way way back in the day and on its way back. Ny style, true to the old school


Alliance Fanzine Pat Callahan 580 Center Dyre Ave West Islip, NY 11795 email hcx516@aol.com

ALL OUT FZ - All Out Fz # 3- Due Oct Early November! Interviews with Sick Of It All, Tension, Cause For Alarm, All Out War, Rancid, and Born... Also show, demo, cd reviews... Other intersting articles about the scene. The first 25 people who purchase All Out FZ # 3 will receive a free CD courtesy of Victory records... Includes songs from Skarhead, HateBreed, Earth Crisis, Warzone, Fury Of V, SnapCase, and many other victory bands... If your are a band and want your demo or cd reviewed or are interested in placing an ad email All Out JAy at All Out FZ@aol.com
All Out FanZine # 2- Includes interviews with E-Town, Irate, Cipher, The Deftones, NRSV, Tension and Limp Bizkit. Also includes demo, 7",cd, and show reviews. Along with show dates, pictures and other phat stuff. Coming out late Feb, get your copy today! Ad Space still available for future issues. Also check out the site and sign the guest book.

Animal Hou$e Fanzine #3 : Out end of October/early November. Interviews with: H2O, Vision of Disorder, Render Useless, and Indifference plus much more. Send $1 to Animal Hou$e 483 Pelton Ave Staten Island, NY 10310

X ARM OF VENGENCE X - havent seen the site yet myself, but I added the link

At Our Expense Zine


BRING IT DOWN zine & distro - zines $2 hardcore . demo's $2-3. 7"s $3 stickers $ .50 all prices include shipping  (e-mail xsonicsk8x@aol.com) posted 4/99

BRAINSCAB zine - Linked Dec 2k

Bulletproof Pope mobile - small hardcore/literary zine in CT. Issue #5 is planned for late October/early November release. So far, an interview with Overcast, lots of short stories & poetry, pictures, recipies, journal entries, and the Hardcore/Punk WordSearch. The site has stuff from past issues, show dates, ads, and lots of other stuff

CAIN Magazine "CAIN Magazine #2 is out now. Not exactly a hardcore zine or any sort of fanzine, more like a angst-ridden lament of the human condition, pop culture and subculture. Focused on the outer edge of humanity but devoid of labels. For upcoming issues, any zines and demos would be much appreciated. Also looking for submissions of short articles, political commentary, music reviews, and artwork with a youth-oriented, humorous, sarcastic and/or philosophical bent. $1 plus 50 cents postage prepaid. For more information, email Michelle: cainzine@yahoo.com

CONCRETE REALITY - NYHC based Zine. Link added 4/00

Confusion - Done by brian and mackey interviews with 25 ta life ignite fastbreak tripface one4one breakdown. It will be out soon and it is over 160 pages. Page will be available soon. Write to Brian confusion, 5 crooked pine dr, medford ny 11763

Contention 'zine- out of longisland its got interviews with shutdown , tears of fustration and MORE! lots of reviews, shows, pics . anyone interested in gettin a copy email me at shaun516@geocities.com trades wanted and so are distros! also email or visit the homepage


Daves HC Pages and some other stuff

Da InNer SubUrbaN TensiON Issue B: out now. you read the first now get more of da madness. interviews w/ Kill YOur Idols, All OUt war, Indecision, PowerHouse, Shutdown, and No redemning social value. support your strong Island death tropper DISTzine 57 Fischer Ave Islip Terrace, NY 11752distzine@hotmail.com DIST zine 57 Fisher Ave Islip Terrace, Ny 11752

Deaf to Reason-NJHC zine (also a record label).. interviews with Billy Club Sandwich, Divided By Hate, Slipfist, & Eye 2 Eye, reviews, pictures, and much more...get in touch..Jill- sil777@webspan.net

Definition Zine - Currenlty in the works. Issue #1 will feature 25 ta Life, Despair, Indecision, Drowning room and more. You can email the creator for further info or write to 78 Merritt Rd. East Providence RI 02915

The Discussible - A zine that curently features interviews with Overcast, Left Unsaid and Dissolve. Check out the site for yourself.

DIY zine - free zine (or cost of postage). issue 1 out with AF, Castle Heights and Shutdown. Issue #2 soon with Sick Of It All, DRI, Indecision, Inhuman, ensign and many more. Added Feb 99

THE DOWN SIDE: Here's a zine that does alot of distro for bands from the east coast. The current issue #2 features interviews, distro, and other zine addresses inside. See the site for details.

Earthward Bound-political zine w/ articles on political prisoners, animal rights, vegetarianism/veganism, direct actions and other stuff that varies each issue. e-mail at XPhaythX@juno.com. $2 through the mail to 820 Edinburgh Dr., Jamestown, NC 27282.

Enslain Magazine - Female run zine. Added 1/22/99

Eventide Zine

Fierce Earth Zine - Check out this zine with it's own website. Issue #1 is out now, interviews with Tension*, Tripface, One 4 One, and Line Of Fire, $3 ppd in US, $5 ppd worldwide. for info write to rett@unix.asb.com or to order write Fierce Earth Zine, C/o Geovany Sosa, PO Box 569, Quogue NY, 11959. The website has Band Pages, Sound Clips, Picture Gallery, Chat Room, Reviews, etc.

FIREFLY MEANZINE - (website) Feb 99 (this is a phat zine, good shit in this one, Vic) A half sized zine that always has interesting intervies / reviews, and whatever else is in a zine. Female run so it's not typical macho hardcore style. $1 or a few stamps is appreciated. c/o REBECCA 224 CARDAMON DR. EDGEWATER, MD. 21037 or email - hellkitten13_bmore@yahoo.com


Function - Hardcore zine from July 96. Copies are still available. Issue has Murphy's Law, Subzero, Shutdown and Fury of V.

Full Contact - FC6 is hot off the press with interviews with COLD AS LIFE,DS-13,ALL OUT WAR,DROPKICK MURPHYS,STAMPIN GROUND,BAD LUCK 13 RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA,OUT TO WIN and POWERHOUSE.There's also profiles on Tony Hawk,Straight Up records and Sal's tattoo and Barber shop and our usual ton of cd,dvd and gear reviews. FC6 comes with a mail in coupon for the FC cd sampler with bands like:No Warning,Everytime I Die,Powerhouse,Slang,North Side Kings,Stampin' Ground and lots more!FC7 comes out in Decemeber with interviews with Ensign,The Haunted,Kill Your Idols,H20 and Limpwrist.FC7 is also the first photo issue featuring photos from as far back as 1984.Check out our site www.fullcontactmag.com for new,links,reviews and contests galore!!

Free Spirit Zine : Issue number 1 has interviews with Shelter and Strength 691 and lots of other goodies. 2$ though mail. Steve Larger PO Box 100 Lake Hiawatha NJ 07034


Frigid Ember E Zine

Garden State Hardcore Fanzine - Issue #1 is underway and will have interviews with Shutdown, One4One and more.  Site has show pics, reviews, bio's, links and more. For more info e-mail bubbafatz1@aol.com

God Bless Hardcore Fanzine - New issue out : Candiria, Shutdown, Indecision, Redemption 87 and For The Love Of as well as profiles with Money Grip, Heidnick Stew, In My Eyes, Blood For Blood, Yours Truly and Conspiracy. To hook up for reviews or information you can contact me at the following: God Bless Hardcore, c/o James Morales, 450 Carpenter Place, Union, NJ 07083

Guillotine zine - $3 in the U.S. and $5 overseas. This is a zine that's been around for a while. It's basically an all around zine. Check out the site for details. Issue #16 will have interviews with Vinnie Stigma/AF, Todd/Warzone, Avail, Earth Crisis, Madball, Down Low, Rejuvenate, UK Subs, Business, Casualties, Born, Agnostic Front Tour Diary by John Franko/Awkward Thought, 25 Ta Life California/West Coast tour diary, The Truents mini diary, scene reports, movie, book and show reviews and a political piece with photos of murals on Northern Ireland. Shirts of the benefit show will soon be out. There is a slight delay withthe split 7" of Against The Grain  and Down Low. A book is also in the works: The Guillotine Years which covers 1982-1987 which were the years Guillotine originally came out in. It's going to have a lot of photos in it from the shows that went on during those years as well as the back issues that everybody has been asking about. Old photos of Government Issue, SSD, MDC, Minor Threat, Void, etc..will be included.

Hangin' Tough, has interviews with Frodus, Naked Aggression, and the Muffs' Kim Shattuck. We also have pictures of Erica shaving her legs, Erica panhandling, Erica carjacking a couple with the powergun, Erica getting off in a grocery store, and more. Who's Erica?? The results of a survey on the positive effects of Nintendo, "Canned God", Metro Nightmares, and more. All on lovely Newsprint. $2.00 the PRESSED PRESS, P.O. Box 1650, Beltsville, MD 20704-1650

hardcore for life zine

Hellbender #10 out now w/ Bouncing Souls, Ignite, Rollins, 25 ta Life, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Suicide Machines $2.00ppd Hellbender zine #11 out soon w/ Misfits, Descendents, SubZero, Fury of V, Joshua, Drowning Room and more. PO BOX 547 VailsGate, NY 12584

IN EFFECT:  Issue #10 is out NOW. It Features interviews with N.R.S.V., Breakdown, Down Low, Inhuman and A.F. Not much that I can say about this zine that you probably don't already know. This is the largest NYHC zine in print and has been there when the scene first started out a long time ago. If you wanna know what's up with every band in NY, get yourself an IN EFFECT zine. There are also shirts available which are on the site as well. Email IN EFFECT. See the OFFICIAL SITE here

Intense City - From the creator of Whole 9 Yards in combination with State of Mind zine, comes the Hardcore scene's 1st CD ROM interactive zine. NY, see the site for details.

In The First zine #2 is available now, interviews with 25 TA LIFE, TORN APART, DYSPHORIA, COMPRESSION, and RACIAL ABUSE, plus its got graff pics and tons of reviews, 70 packed pages, $3 ppd. for more info email jjrwalkley@aol.com

Posted 05/17/99 : IT'S ALL GOOD ZINE. Issue #3 out now with itws of Candiria, Enrage, Fahrenheit 451, Beneath The Remains, Born From Pain, Agnostic Front and many more... New issue every three months. You can e-mail us at itsallgood@districtproductions.net and check out the site for any further infos : http://www.districtproductions.net

Jackpot - A zine that takes a femanine view of things. A few issues are out now. VERY interesting commentary inside.


Know No Boundries Zine

Krypteia is a brand new internet zine about the hardcore scene. It's a bit metal-orientated.

*The Loop Fanzine*

Line Of Fire - Little zine serving the straight edge in eastern PA.

Midwest Metal - mostly Death Metal and good aggressive hardcore. We've been around for 17 issues. We've featured HC bands like 25 Ta Life, Madball, Fury Of Five, old Biohazard along with the best Metal.120 Broadview Vill. Sq., Suite #406, Broadview, IL., 60153 19 Available Now! Interviews with Madball:Fury Of Five:Benumb:Slayer:Usurper and more $2.00 (US)

MODERN HUMAN issue #1 out now (Nov 99) .This zine includes some thought provoking articles,reviews and interviews with ENSIGN, Fallback, and Through My Pride. For a FREE copy of this Political/Hardcore zine send your home address to: "xModernHumanx@aol.com".

MoM- Zine (http://www.metalonmag.com/Pages/Printed.html)- Yeah, it's been online, and now it's in print. The first issue is 48 Pages on news print, and has a glossy cover. Interviews with: Earth Crisis, E-town Concrete, Sevendust, Sepultura, Candiria, Meshuggah, Fury Of Five, (hed)p.e., For The Love Of...,Fear Factory, Fury Of Five, Vod and a few more. There's a news section, various articles, LOTS OF PICTURES, show reviews, 7inch reviews, Cd Reviews, and Demo reviews. Anyone who buys the zine, also gets a free OS101, All Out War, or Grey Area poster, and some stickers too. For more information either e-mail XC0PS@aol.com, or send $2.50 to: MoM Zine, 65 Route 520, Englishtown, NJ 07726 May 99

New Jersey Beat: Nj's most well know paper with band reviews and lots of other shit. It's got it's own web site so check the shit out. You've gotta see this site. It has so much info on there, it's the only real internet version of a zine I have seen so far and it's always updated. Jim is the man!

No Klue Zine : A NYHC internet based zine with tons of shit from info to photos and so on.

NGS ZINE (not gonna say) CHICAGO - 1st issue slated to come out April 1st. Will have interviews with H2O, Farenheight 451, Blood for Blood, With One intent, Dogfight(St. Louis), Dropkick Murphys, and still on the way are interviews with Mark Noah of ANTI HEROS, and Chicagos southside beercore kings JOHNNY VOMIT. We are looking for literary submissions, demos ads etc. With One Intent sent us a tape and ended up with a full interview! any interested parties send material to: Jason Yager, c/o NGS, po box 864, Hammond, IN 46325

On the rise zine - Added 3/99 - interviews with: bulldoze, boy sets fire, etown concrete, for the love of..., and dirtnap zine is $2ppd 48 pages. on the rise records 26 w. sumner ave roselle park nj 07204 CKina13352@aol.com

Positive Outlook - Issue#1 has a final interview with Raybeez/Warzone, Vision of Disorder, One King Down, Ten Yard Fight, and Envy. It's $3ppd either well concealed cash or money orders (no checks) to: Adam Encinas P.O. Box 2196 Danville, CA 94526   issue #2 out in January/Februrary with Agnostic Front, Ignite, Hatebreed, Hands Tied, Sacto Hoods, Strength By Strength, Downshift, and Forced Life.

Pull The Chain - A zine that is also online now so check it out.

RISE TA FALL zine issue #1 comin out first week of jul98 most likely..interviews w/ mad circle, tears of frustration, relentless, element 115, and more, reviews of cipher cd, rise above, the 4172 long island hardcore compilation. $1 by mail. Distros get in touch for bulk orders,

Recurring Outlook - CT Hardcore online zine

Rompiendo esquemas - A zine (Juventud Unida) from Argentina with interviews of Indiferencia-AutoControl-Mofa-Pensar o morir-Vieja escuela-B.O.D-Warzone-Slapshot,etc.

SICKNESS OF KNOWLEDGE - issue#2, interviews with driven, sum of all fears, east coast empire records endless fight records, old glory records, f.t.e.,(former yuppicide), ...and alot more mayhem! out in december! bristol/newbritain send two stamps to 29 fairlane drive NB CT 06053

Speak Up #2 is out with : Left Unsaid, Krutch, NRSV, Neck, Restrain, Negate (Belgium), D.I.O.D.(France), Face Down, Driven by Hatred, Cry of Justice, Excuse(D), Born, Dysphoria, Denied, 4$ overseas, 3$ Europe wtrite to Speak Up/ 115 AV. Mascaux/6001 Marcinelle Belgium Bands, zines, photographers, traders,...write us for interveiw, reviews, lists, pics,...Reply to all letters. Support your scene.

The Spirit Remains - 2 is now out! interviews with in my eyes, saves the  day, trial, follow through, one 4 one, os101, and tony hawk of birdhouse skateboards. Send $3 to:the spirit remains/201 mt ave/new providence nj/07974 visit our site at http://www.geocities.com/soho/atrium/1743        1/3/99

Spooky Poop Zine - THe same old DIY bullshit since 1992. Come and check out what the hype is all about and why we lasted this long. Linked 11/00

STAND STRONG fanzine issue # 2 out now! Interviews with earth crisis, hatebreed, neck, dillenger escape plan, overthrow, ensign, reach the sky, internal bleeding and 2 man advantage. Plus lots of articles, poems, endless record reviews and show reviews, plus more!! Standstrong24@hotmail.com. BEST FANZINE EVER!! 7/99

State Of Mind - NY Zine. Link updated Oct 2001

Stubby Fingaz - Issue #4 out now (67 page) with MADBALL, KRUTCH, TEN YARD FIGHT, H20, SICK OF IT ALL, DIRTNAP, SHUTDOWN, TRIPFACE, AGE-9, and DOWNSET. Lots of pages (over 60), plus our phat photos section, lots of reviews and a better, clean layout. $3 bux ppd. US, $4 bux ppd. WORLD. Also, #3 is still available (a few left), interviews include LEEWAY, GMK, COLD AS LIFE, DOUGHNUTS, TORN APART, 25 TA LIFE, FAHRENHEIT 451, HATEBREED, CORNERSTONE, KRUNCH, BREAKFAITH, & SUB DK. Same price for that, too. SFF, c/o Paul Reyes, 238 Little St., Belleville, NJ 07109. email preyes@pegasus.rutgers.edu

UNITY THRU WORDS- Zine out of Queenz NYC...Includes interviews with Madball, Skarhead, E-Town Concrete, Mindset and Irate! Look for issue #2 in December with interviews with: Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, Hatebreed, 4 in tha Chmaber and Diesel. QzK REPRESENT! email utwzine@aol.com.

UTW ZINE - issue 1 got interviews with madball,skarhead, etown,irate and mindset. issue 2 is due out in june wit interviews wit agnostic front,murphys law,diesel and more...we are planning on having a contest to see how we can get the cover for issue #3. We are looking for people who can draw. You have to draw a picture and send it to us at UTW ZINE@AOL.COM from there we will give you an address to send the pic to. the best original drawings wil be posted in issue #2 of the zine the people who buy the zine will vote by email which pic is the best and that artist will be the one chosen to draw the cover of the next issue. posted 4/99

Violent Malformation - A mini-zine out of Brooklyn that will offer different types of bands, hardcore, industrial and rock. It will also have art, poetry, and opinion columns. You can get a free copy by sending 2 stamps to: Violent Malformation c/o Jackson, 1240 81st Street, Brooklyn NY 11228

VISTA FANZINE: There's so much info on this zine that I made a page for it. Zine and viceo's too.

WASTELAND ZINE: #3 has been out for a while now and features: Mindset, Coal Chamber, Dysphoria and Blood For Blood. It is still one dollar. Issue #4 will be out by the end of July and features Mushmouth, Bouncing Souls, Pica's Climb and Life Support. Now accepting material for issue #5 so people can send stuff for review or whatever, ad rates remain cheap or trade. WASTELAND ZINE - C/O FACTION ZERO - 33 LOCKWOOD PL - CLIFTON NJ - 07012

We'll Make The Difference - linked added 8/2000

World Collapse - # one will be out in april , there's interview with By the grace of god, Earth crisis, Liar (form Belgium), Damage I.D. (from Switzerland). Scene report from Rome(italy), Belgium, Switzerland. A lot of columns and some others stuffs about human and animal liberation anti multinationals,.... Review of fanzine. The 'zine costs 3$, my adress is:  chris paracchini, via della salina 3, 6600 muralto , switzerland e-mail chrissilver@bluewin.ch

State of Mind - Straight out of Brooklyn NY Zine features Madball, Indecision, Shutdown, Earth Crisis and record/show reviews. 3 bucks ppd, 5 out of US. S.O.M. c/o Jackson 1240 81st Brooklyn NY 11228. You can also email the zine.

German D.I.Y. Zine - Check this shit out mutha fuckas. It's the newest link I got. Germany is fianlly getting a network system running and you can expect alot more sites from there end real soon.

Son Of Spamm! Magazine (since '92) is now back in business after a brief hiatus. The newest issue (Vol.3,No.10) includes interviews with Clive Barker, Jane Jensen, Brutal Truth, Dominus, Social Distortion, Alan M. Clark, BMV Studios, Goat, Fresh Blood Studios, The Almighty RSO, John K. (Ren & Stimpy creator), Stuck Mojo, The Lost Boys, Closed Caption, and more. Son Of Spamm! is now available worldwide by mail-order for $2.50 U.S. and $3.50 Europe.

HODGEPODGE...it has interviews with shift, converge, coalesce, floorpunch, and kill your idols,,it cost $2ppd. The address is: mike schade, 983 little neck avenue, north bellmore, ny 11710. second issue should be out in june or july,,interviews with by the grace of god, the almighty ink and dagger, monster x, and louie from ANTIDOTE NYC..plus much much more,,.we really really need help with old antidote flyers or pictures

WARFRONT E-ZINE = The zine has it's own website so check it out for yourself.

Against All Odds - Issue 1: Strength 691, Mouthpiece, Ensign interviews and writings and reviews.$1 Issue 2: Endeavor, Uprise, Floorpunch, Anxiety Clost zine interviews, loads of writings and hundreds of reviews. Good shit.$2. Issue 3: Not out yet... Will have Bound, Earth Crisis, 97A and more interviews. Email for advanced orders.

IMPACT ONLINE ZINE - Havent gotten a chance to see the site yet. Check it out for yourself.

OTR / BTB split zine - On The Rise and Back Ta Basics got a split zine comin out this month(March). Interviews with Comin Correct, Ignite, Dirtnap and Train of Thought. Mad reviews japanese hardcore reviews everything hook up write to: OTR (chuck D.), 26 W. Sumner Ave Roselle PArk NJ 07204 or BTB 79 E.3rd st paterson

STAND STRONG hardcore fanzine out now. Issue # 1 - Interviews with CANDIRIA, ALL OUT WAR, E-TOWN CONCRETE, SHAI HULUD, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, IRATE, MUSHMOUTH and 4 IN THA CHAMBER. Show, CD, demo reviews, stories and more. $2, E-MAIL to get in touch.

Steel Cage Match Zine - Hardcore, punk, and even metal - it's really cool, funny, and it's getting better every day.

United We Stand fanzine - The website for the zine is outdated, and an update is going to be somewhat delayed. But, you can email the zine from the site. A new issue is out now.

Meltdown - An online zine that currently has 5 interviews. (Judge, Cro-Mags, AF, Turning Point, Sick of it All, VOD - with Strain, DYS and more on the way), over 200 pictures, show reviews with pictures, Trial-Seattle HC Page, Rust Zine, shows listings, music reviews, discussion board, featured band, flyers page, top 10 lists, contacts, etc, etc, etc.

Pull The Chain Zine - An online and paper zine that focuses mainly on Death Metal but has recently reached into the Hardcore scene. #10 is out! It contains 86 reviews of Power Groove, Hardcore, Death, Black,... including all infos (prices, adresses, labels...) Also a very large news section ends this issue. As usual, this is very cheap... only $ 1.00!!! Our only aim is to help the underground and that single $ is just covering postage costs. Non-profit, non-benefit, we actually lose money each time.

Four Stories Up fanzine & Earth In Shambles distro.

PAPERCUTS - a zine and site combo. Issue numer 7 of PAPERCUTS should be out very soon. Lots of CTHC and much, much more.

CYCLE OF FLESH - BRUTAL death metal zine that comes from the NYC area. Issue #1 is currently out now.

Under The Volcano - LI's most well known punk / hardcore zine.

KbP is basement-run fanzine catering to hardcore, grind, punk, ska, and whatever else we can get our hands on. Our most recent issue (#5) contains the likes of Murphy's Law, the Bosstones, Bouncing Souls, and Inspecter 7. Issue 6 will be out by the time you read this and contains Sick of it all, Downset, NEck, Mephiskapheles. Other interviews we have done include Shelter, VOD, H20, amongst others. For a copy send a buck and two stamps: KbP, 6 Balmoral Ln., Scotch Plains, NJ, 07076.


The HARDCORE Extravaganza zine. - Havent seen the site yet myself, so check it.

"Sociopathic Despair" zine issue #2 is now out. This issue is all hardcore. Bands interviewed are: One Life Crew, Cold As Life, Denied, and Inhuman. The cost is $2 postpaid. I now have a new address for the zine, as well as a new email address. We also have a website, in which your site is linked from our "miscellaneous links" page. Check it out. If you want a free issue to check out yourself, send me your address and I'll mail it out immediately. Thanks for the help in advance. Socio-D zine P.O. Box 10025 , Bowling Green, KY 42102-4825 Socio-D@hotmail.com

KbP the zine from jersey

helping hands fanzine- a sXe hardcore zine with lotsa good interviews and other stuff..(WISE UP TA UNITY) out NOW 97, for info write too greg dorman/RD#1 box 129/ mifflinburg, pa 17844

XAborted ChildX from Long Island.


The Narrow Path : We cover underground Hardcore, death, doom, grind, and similar. Website.

HOBSON'S CHOICE FANZINE - THE GODZILLA ISSUE(issue1) political punk rock/hardcore fanzine featuring interviews with 97a and Devoid of Faith. Godzilla pictures and cool stuff on godzilla. $1.00 ppd through the mail.     THE PLANET OF THE APES ISSUE(issue2) more politics and interviews with Monster X and 2 more TBA's. Cool POA trivia and pics. $1.00 ppd through the mail.

An e-zine link - http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/7903

Open Zine - from Florida. Havent seen it yet, but I hear it's got an interview with STRONGARM (a favorite of mine) so I gotta mention them on the site. 2$ OpenZine 7015 SW 83 CT, Miami, FL 33143

CREED ZINE #1 out on July 18th. Interviews with Rick Ta Life, No Redeeming Social Value, Misfits, Indecision, E-Town Concrete, Blue Meanies. Plus reviews, articles, and more. $2.00ppd. CREED ZINE, PO BOX 1583, NORTH HAMPTON, NH, 03862.

X United Front X - Issue #1 contains interviews with VOD, Integrity and local hardcore act Forcefed 9 and much more. Issue #2 contains interviews with Earth Crisis, Brothers Keeper and One King Down and more. Issue #3 in the works, but so far contains interviews with Ten Yard Fight, Frank Pavich-NYHC Documentary. It costs $2.00 within Australia, and $2.50 the world. Address is P.O Box 376, STEPNEY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, 5069 Send well hidden cash (I take no responsibilty if it gets lost)or make cash/money orders out to Rachel Decean.

Fullswing hardcore fanzine- #1 out now features Rely,Hoods, Shutdown, H20, downshift and a couple more 2 bux by mail fullswing 2435 webster st suite a berkeley ca 94705-2050

M&M Hardcore Fanzine - we got bands (integrity, vod, soia, dv8 etc..), tabs, concert reviews (AF),etc. It´s still under construction, will be complete in September.

my child made this