Shai Hulud / Indecision Split CD 98SHAI HULUD / INDECISION split CD 98 - review coming Nov 98

SHAI HULUD - Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion. Florida Style Hardcore. With 9 songs and titles that are LONG as hell, I was hoping the CD would last longer. One of the most original, tempo changingest bands I have ever heard in my life. One listen to this CD and you'll say "what the heck is this all about". A 2nd or 3rd listen and you know this shit is great. Vocals are similar to most sxe type bands, with high pitched screams and yells...but Shai Hulud has it's own style. Music is jsut plain insane. Timing changes like crazy, phatt drum beats, crazy double guitars with one guy doing his own solo thing (similar to snapcase....only better), and great bass. If you're into bands like Snapcase, Strongarm (these guys share the drummer), and'll love this band. One of the best bands I have heard in 98 for thi sparticular style of Hardcore. Get the CD, trust me, you wont regret it.
This was the 7". EXCELLENT. A must have. Arguably a better recording than the CD.
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