The latest release, the CDHere's a scan of the new CD which features: Waiting to Go Off, Over The Edge, Pay to Cum, To The Extreme, Victim in Pain, Look Who it Is, Violent Change, I've seen The Light, Wall of Ignorance, Porcelain King, Dissed by You, Clutchin for Straws, Roots Forgotten.

REJUVENATE is a straight-up New York Hard Core band that plays what some kids label as "old school" mixed with the "new style". The band itself feels that the kids should just take it for what it is.

The band started in January, 1991, 3 years after the demise of TRIP 6 former vocalist Tommy Rat & guitarist Stu Psycho got together with Jerry Smiley-drums, & Ricky-bass to form a new band. REJUVENATE came to be, the name itself implies "change". The band is going strong today the lineup has varied over the years with Tommy being the only original member left. Other members who were within the ranks of REJUVENATE are as follows: Joe V-guitar (Currently in Down Low, & Cause for Alarm, ex:New Faith, Darkside NYC, Stand Clear), Reid-drums(ex:Sheer Terror, involved with Japan Overseas), Jeff Morlos-guitar(ex:Darkside NYC, Down Low), Kid Lynch-drums(ex:Yuppicide, SFA, Warzone, Profound Effect), Eric Britto-guitar(in SFA), Pete Ross-guitar(in Struggle Within, ex:Emanon). REJUVENATE has recorded for a number of different comps, did a 7" & cd on Free Spirit, and a cd on Lost & Found. Current line-up is Tommy-verbals, MrSinister-bass, Darrell-guitar(ex:Gomez Childhood), & Paul Struggle Within-drums (Struggle Within, ex:Fear of Life, Cold Front, Emanon).
their 1st 7" which is soon to be re-pressedWhat to expect in the future? Keep playing shows within or outside the NYC area, possibly to do a European tour. Also to be on the lookout for Creepy Crawl Live comp released on Another Planet Records, due sometime in March. This comp features REJUVENATE, MURPHY'S LAW, WARZONE, 25 TA LIFE, ENSIGN, COLD FRONT, MERAUDER, CROWN OF THORNZ, SUB ZERO, DOWN LOW, others. Also other peices of trivia you may need to know is that Tommy used to be the original singer for WARZONE, and the last singer for the PSYCHOS. Aside from the band and his day job he runs the FREE SPIRIT label.


*Track released on Zap's Laugh & Hate sampler cd/lp (Rough Trade,import)
*"Rejuvenate" Six Track 7 inch EP (Free Spirit, FSR#002-7)
*Tracks released on You Deserve Even Worse sampler cd (Lost & Found, import)
*Moment of Truth 15 song CD (Lost & Found, import)
*Live tracks released on Satisfaction Guaranteed sampler cd (Nawpost)
*To the Extreme 12 song CD, contains live tracks also (Free Spirit, FSR#003-2)
*More to come

For info write Free Spirit Records, P.O. Box 1252, Madison Sq Sta, New York, N.Y. 10159-1252 or e-mail at

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