Guillotine Issue 17 (98)GUILLOTINE Zine #17 - Jam packed with pages and pages of Hardcore. Drop Kick Murphys, Shutdown, Fahrenheit 451, Inhuman, Against The Grain, Everybody Gets Hurt, Blanks 77, Commin Correct Tour Diary, Misfits, Vision, Stiff Little Fingers, Gang Green, Jimmy Gestapo / Creepy Crawl, Rachel Indecision - Women in Hardcore, Tattoos, Graffiti, Wrestling and much more. 100% professional layout.

GUILLOTINE zine # 16 - A tribute cover to Ray. If ever there was a zine that was worth having, issue 16 of Guillotine is the one. This slightly delayed issue is, bar far, one of the best issues of any zine I have seen to date. With Raybeez's photo's on the car, tons of candid shots of him inside, interviews, and persoanl thoughts, you can see how deeply rooted Guillotine is in the Hardcore scene. Massive layout includes such bands as AF, Born, Southpaw, Silent Majority, Down Low, 25 ta Life tour diary, Earth Crisis, Avail, UK Subs, Rejuvenate, the Business and way more than I can fit on this page. With a price tag of only a few bucks, this is truly a collectors item. It even has one of the few zine ad's I placed for the website. 105+ pages should keep you busy for quite some time.

GUILLOTINE zine # 15. SOLD OUT!! Damn, this zine just gets better and better. With the lastest release of this old school Hardcore zine, it has interviews with Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz, Ensign, Good Riddance, H2O, Indecision, Kill your Idols, Lady Luck, SOIA, 25 ta Life, Warzone, and tons more. There's also LOTS of crystal clear photo's inside so you can see who's being interviewed. The cover photo is Roger from AF. Hook up with this copy while supplies last.

GUILLOTINE issue #14. The issue of the zine features interviews with Mouthpiece, NRSV, Tripface, Down by Law, Youth Brigade, DOA, Lagwagon, Pansy Division and lots more. 83 pages total, includes clear pictures as well as a bunch of show reviews. Mailing Price is 3 bucks. No checks as it is a pain in the ass to go to the bank for so small an amountyou can also email WENDY for me details on the zine. 314 79th Street, #8E, Brooklyn, NY 11209

GUILLOTINE Issue # 13 - 15 years of NY Hardcore. This zine takes you through 15 years of hardcore and punk through each page. 83 pages total, neatly layed out with lots of old pics of some punk and hardcore bands. Selling price is 3 bucks for back issues.